Deploying PyWPS on the serverΒΆ

PyWPS can run as `CGI application <>`_, in `mod_python environment <>`_ or as `java servlet <>`_ (with one limitation). There are examples how to do this in webservices directory of the source code.

Here we will use the CGI approach, because it is the easiest one.

In the server cgi-bin directory (/usr/lib/cgi-bin) create file, called wps with following content:


export PYWPS_CFG=/usr/local/pywps/process/pywps.cfg
export PYWPS_PROCESSES=/usr/local/pywps/processes


Now you should be able to point the browser to following address http://localhost/cgi-bin/wps and you should see “something”

This is also the way, how to setup several PyWPS servers with separete set of processes on one web server.